All yogi's must sign in and create account on MindBody online or download the app in your app store. This will  guarantee class will be held. This is Mandatory at least 2 hour prior to visiting/checking in the studio for every class. If you choose not to sign in and just show up for class there is no guarantee that class will be held.

No show/late cancel Policy

You have 2 hour window to cancel class. If you happen to cancel 5-10-20 minutes before class starts, you are still responsible, the class session is still deducted as if you came. For Auto Pay clients, there will be an $8.00 charge on your credit card on file. 

If there happens to be a real emergency. Please call the studio. 

If for some reason, you can't check in 2 hours before class, then please call/text the studio at 754-235-3353.​


Yoga is one of the only approaches to health that assists in keeping your body healthy, strong, and flexible while simultaneously providing mental clarity and emotional well-being. Available to any level of experience, we demonstrate  all modification poses with blocks and straps. Encouraging and forward-looking, we offer a wide variety of classes; you're sure to find one to suit your needs.  If you come, breathe, and try your best, you’ll notice immediate benefits.

Class Schedule

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